A New Mitchell Book and DVD For Sale

The Mitchell Classic 300 Spinning Reel

1939 ~ 1989

70th Anniversary Edition 1939 ~ 2009

“From noted fishing historian and Mitchell collector Wallace Carney comes this long awaited treatise on one of the most popular and enduring fishing reels in history--the Mitchell 300. From the origins of Mitchell in the Arve Valley of France, through its formative stages, to its launch and meteoric rise, to its place as one of the greatest fishing reels ever made, this book has something for everyone.


For the beginning collector, this book breaks down this first model into versions for easy identification; for the advanced collector, an unbelievable wealth of historical detail including numerous close-up full-color photos will help to reveal the nuances that make collecting Mitchell reels such a joy and challenge.

Includes a detailed and informative history of Carpano & Pons and Garcia, and traces the Mitchell from birth until 1989, including coverage of all versions in between. An absolute must have for any fishing library!” Dr. Todd Larson

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