Match Parts with Reels

From 1946 to 1968 Old Part Numbers were used consisting of from 1 to 4 digits. This required you to give the part number and the reel series when ordering parts since some of these old parts number were used on different parts for different reels.

In 1967 Mitchell started converting these old part numbers to 6 digits corresponding directly to the exact part for the exact reel making this process much easier. By 1969 all parts had been converted except for those we call Obsolete which you will see in the old parts' lists. Obsolete means not made in 1969 which translates to Rare Parts!

Although all of these numbers were taken directly off original schematics, we can not guarantee 100% that each number is correct. We even found several schematics with wrong part numbers on them. Hopefully one of these did not slip by!

These listings are separated below according to the date of the original schematics from which we compiled all the information. To see these schematics, please click on our Schematics Gallery. You will also find the new assigned part numbers in the Old parts list below if applicable.

Please Note: Since these parts are only through 1979; you may not find your part number. In this case please go to our Schematics Gallery which are complete through 1988 and find the parts you need there. We are in the process of updating these parts through 2001 to include not only Mitchell but in the near future Abu, Abu-Matic, Ambassadeur and Abu-Garcia.

This is a free service we hope you enjoy!


View complete parts lists by reel series. Click one series below to see the old part numbers list for that reel. You will also find the new part number for each of these old parts if applicable.


View listings of parts with the newer numbering format. Enter an exact part number OR just the Mitchell reel series number for a complete list of all parts for that reel and click search. If you don't know the part number, go to our Schematics Gallery and find it there.
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